Artikel-artikel mengenai Trade restrictions

Artikel-artikel mengenai Trade restrictions

Health-care workers put on personal protective equipment before testing at a drive-thru COVID-19 assessment centre at the Etobicoke General Hospital in Toronto. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette Oktober 6, 2020

Why trade restrictions must be eliminated during COVID-19 ’s second wave

Kristen Hopewell, University of British Columbia dan Joshua Tafel, University of British Columbia

As we stare down a second wave of COVID-19, there are far better alternatives to prevent shortages and ensure adequate supply of medical goods than trade restrictions.

Paying an extra $150 million a year to protect growers? That’s bananas!

Analysis suggests import restrictions on bananas in Australia are a classic rent‐seeking policy, leaving Australians to subsidise each grower by more than $250,000 a year.

A worker at an auto parts plant in Orion Township, Michigan, lifts coiled steel into place. AP Photo/Paul Sancya Juli 18, 2017

Why Trump’s threat to slap tariffs on foreign steel is a bad idea

William Hauk, University of South Carolina

The president has promised to put a stop to foreign companies ‘dumping’ steel on US markets. Former President Bush tried the same thing, and here’s what happened.

Cuba tightens bra limits, but serious threat to trade comes from US sanctions

Cuba has imposed new limits on the amount of goods that travellers can bring into the country. The new measures will be unpopular with many involved in the trade from suppliers to customers, and at first…

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